DATA REQUEST FORM (internal parties)

Form to request data for a CONTRAST research proposal, for use by consortium members and collaborators*. The consortium will make data available to its collaborators. Substudy proposals not covered in the CONTRAST application, including all new proposals related to more than one work package require completion of this form.
For a data request, please complete the form and send to the Data access and writing committee (DAWC): For more information see CONTRAST publication policy.

You can download this form here.

DATA REQUEST FORM (internal parties)


First Author

Last author

Accountable **


* consortium members are investigators who are affiliated with an institute that is part of the CONTRAST consortium and is represented in the board of governors. Collaborators are affiliated with the clinical dept of a center that participates in the CONTRAST clinical trials of which data are requested.

** Costs of an anDREa workspace are for the accountable/principal investigator of the research proposal. This concerns the costs exciding the Erasmus MC subsidy. The accountable needs to be a WP-leader (preferably of the main study).