WP7 Imaging data management

Clinical image acquisition protocols

To allow for a structured systematic analysis of all image data and an automated imaging biomarkers extraction, standardized image acquisition protocols are important.
We described the minimum requirements for image acquisition protocols to be used in the medical centers that participate in the clinical studies of the CONTRAST consortium.

Here below you will find the protocols, with the version date both in the file name as in the document itself.




The image acquisition protocols for 4DCTA/CTP and MRI are under construction. After finalization, these protocols will be uploaded here and will be sent to all participating centers.

Imaging data collection – infrastructure and tasks

A transparent infrastructure and a clear description of roles & responsibilities regarding the imaging data collection is of uttermost importance to be able to build an image storage and exchange infrastructure of the highest standards.

Here below you will find a document with information about:
– imaging data collection infrastructure;
– required imaging data;
– sending data to XNAT;
– sending data without XNAT;
– roles & responsibilities.