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WP Leaders: Bart van der Worp (UMC Utrecht) and Paul Nederkoorn (Amsterdam UMC)

Aim: To assess whether the treatment with glyceril trinitrate, started within 4. Hours after symptom onset in the prehospital setting, improves outcome in patients with AIS or ICH.

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WP Leaders: Robert van Oostenbrugge (Maastricht UMC) and Wim van Zwam (Maastricht UMC)

Aim: To evaluate the safety and efficacy of Endovascular treatment in acute ischemic stroke in patients with a proven anterior circulation intracranial occlusion, a small infarct core and moderate to good collaterals and last seen well between 6-24 hours before enrollment.

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WP Leaders: Aad van der Lugt (Erasmus MC) and Diederik Dippel (Erasmus MC)

Aim: To assess the safety and effect of unfractionated heparin and platelet inhibitors, alone or in combination, in patients with acute ischemic stroke, wo undergo endovascular treatment for a confirmed anterior circulation occlusion.

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WP Leaders: Charles Majoie (Amsterdam UMC) and Yvo Roos (Amsterdam UMC)

Aim: To assess the effect of direct endovascular treatment compared with intravenous thrombolytic treatment followed by EVT (when indicated), in patients with acute ischemic stroke, caused by CTA confirmed anterior circulation occlusion.

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WP Leaders: Karin Klijn (Radboud UMC) and Ruben Dammers (Erasmus MC)

Aim: To assess the the safety, feasibility and technical effectiveness of minimally-invasive endoscopy-guided surgery within 8 hours of symptom onset for treatment of supratentorial intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). Additionally, the DUTCH ICH Surgery Trial – pilot study intends to estimate the potential effect of minimally-invasive endoscopy-guided surgery on functional outcome in patients with supratentorial ICH.

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