WP12 – Young Talent Development

WP leaders

Diederik Dippel (EMC) & Charles Majoie (AUMC)


The purpose of the talent management WP is to increase cohesion between the younger members of the consortium and to help them in their scientific and personal development. PhD students are often just graduated or have limited clinical experience. They start work in a new environment, and they are dependent on their direct supervisor which makes them vulnerable.

Younger members of the consortium are the PhD students, postdocs, WP leaders who are new to the job, and not to forget, non-WP personnel (research nurses and data-managers).

Cohesion manifests itself in easy exchange of experience and knowledge between PhD students in the consortium, not hindered by departmental or institutional boundaries. Scientific development includes not only knowledge and skills in research, but also apprehension of research methodology, and finally, awareness and internalization of ethical principles of research.

Our aim is that all PhD students in the consortium will take part in the cohesion program, and all will be exposed to the opportunities the scientific development program offers. The scientific development program will be complementary to the PhD programs and courses that are provided by the institutions, i.e., the NIHES program and similar courses provided by other institutions that participate in CONTRAST 2.0.