We thank all collaborators, investigators and supporters of MR CLEAN for their help in making the trial a success. MR CLEAN was the first trial of intra-arterial treatment with retrievable stents that showed an important benefit of the treatment for patients with acute ischemic stroke. The trial results have been published in the N Engl J Med of January 1, 2015, please click here for the full manuscript.

The MR CLEAN trial ran from December 2010 until March 2014. First results were presented at the World Stroke Conference in Istanbul, October 2014.

The trial protocol have been published in Trials.

The main results were published in the N Engl J Med of January 1, 2015.
For an overview of all published articles by the MR CLEAN investigators click here.

Commentaries have been published in N Engl J Med by dr Werner Hacke,
in the Int J Stroke by dr Geoffry Donnan,
in AJNR by drs Pierot, Pereira, Cognard and von Kummer.
Dutch commentaries have been published in NtvG by dr. Bart van der Worp and in Focus Vasculair by dr. Jelis Boiten. (NtvG and FOCUS VASCULAIR)

In March 2015, the results of ESCAPE and EXTEND-IA were published in the N Engl J Med, shortly followed by the results of SWIFT-PRIME and REVASCAT.
These four trials together with the MR CELAN trial participate in the HERMES collaboration. The first article has recently been published. HERMES

Again interesting commentaries were published in N Engl J Med and many other journals.