The consortium consists of 12 work-packages, each led by two WP leaders. Together with the research leaders and the program manager they form the scientific committee, which convenes on a monthly basis. A special financial support team consisting of two financial managers and two members for the scientific committee advises the research leaders team and the scientific committee with regard to obtaining funding and financial management. Every six months, the Scientific committee reports, through the RL team, to the funders. The board of governors, consisting of Academic partners, foundations and private partners, convenes at least annually. The user council consists of representatives of patient groups, clinical professionals, and a separate industry users forum. It will keep the consortium with one foot in reality and will be important in matters of implementation and communication of results. Finally, several renowned clinical and preclinical investigators have joined our scientific advisory board.

Research leader team

Prof. Dr. A. van der Lugt, neuroradiologist, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam

Prof. Dr. Y. Roos, neurologist, Amsterdam UMC, Amsterdam

Workpackage leaders

WP1Preclinical and translational studiesProf.dr. Rick
Prof.dr. Ed van
WP2Pre-hospital stroke triage (PRESTIGE)Jonathan
Dr. Bob
Dr. Adriaan van
Dr. Paul J.
WP3cIRISCharles B.L.M.
Dr. Yvo B.W.E.M.
WP4DISTProf. dr. Karin
Dr. Ruben
WP5NeuroprotectionProf. dr. Jeannette
Dr. Ido van den
Dr. Jeroen
WP7DIVINEProf. dr. H. Bart van der
Dr. Bart J.
WP8Monitoring & improving long-term outcomes after strokeProf dr. Ruud W.
Prof dr. Carel G.M.
WP9Modelling of Care and TreatmentDr. Maarten
Prof.dr. Hester
WP10Research infrastructure for data managementProf.dr. Moniek de
Theo van
WP11Management & CommunicationProf.dr. Aad van der
Prof.dr Yvo
WP12Young Talent DevelopmentProf.dr. Diederik
Charles B.L.M.

Consortium partners


This research is funded by the Dutch Heart Foundation and The Brain Foundation Netherlands and is conducted in collaboration with and supported by the Dutch CardioVascular Allicance, 01-002-2022-0126 CONTRAST 2.0. In addition, this work was funded in part through unrestricted funding by Stryker, Medtronic and Penumbra. The funding sources were not involved in study design, monitoring, data collection, statistical analyses, interpretation of results, or manuscript writing.