The consortium consists of 11 work-packages, each led by two WP leaders. Together with the research leaders and the program manager they form the scientific committee, which convenes on a monthly basis. A special financial support team consisting of two financial managers and two members for the scientific committee advises the research leaders team and the scientific committee with regard to obtaining funding and financial management. Every six months, the Scientific committee reports, through the RL team, to the funders. The board of governors, consisting of Academic partners, foundations and private partners, convenes at least annually. The user council consists of representatives of patient groups, clinical professionals, and a separate industry users forum. It will keep the consortium with one foot in reality and will be important in matters of implementation and communication of results. Finally, several renowned clinical and preclinical investigators have joined our scientific advisory board.



a. Research leaders team

• Professor Charles Majoie, neuroradiologist; Amsterdam UMC, University of Amsterdam
• Professor Diederik Dippel, neurologist; Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam

b. Program manager

• Rick van Nuland, Phd, Lygature; Utrecht.

c. WP Leaders


Name Principal InvestigatorE-mailName organisationWP
Beusekom, Heleen van, PhDh.vanbeusekom@erasmusmc.nlErasmus MC Experimental Cariology1
Buskens, Erik, MD PhDe.buskens@umcg.nlUMCG Epidemiology8
Cate, Hugo ten, MD PhDh.tencate@maastrichtuniversity.nlMUMC Thrombosis Expertise Center5
Dammers, Ruben, MD PhDr.dammers@erasmusmc.nlErasmus MC Neurosurgery4
Dijkhuizen, Rick, PhDr.m.dijkhuizen@umcutrecht.nlUMCU Center for Image Sciences1
Dippel, Diederik, MD PhDd.dippel@erasmusmc.nlErasmus MC Neurology3B & 6
Kappelle, Jaap, MD PhDl.kappelle@umcutrecht.nlUMCU NeurologyYT
Klijn, Karin, MD PhDkarin.klijn@radboudumc.nlUMCN Neurology4
Koudstaal, Peter, MD PhDp.j.koudstaal@erasmusmc.nlErasmus MC NeurologyYT
Lingsma, Hester, MD PhDh.lingsma@erasmusmc.nlErasmus MC Public Health6
Lugt, Aad van der, MD PhDa.vanderlugt@erasmusmc.nlErasmus MC Radiology3B & 7
Uyttenboogaart, Maartenm.uyttenboogaart@umcg.nlUMCG Neurology and radiology8
Maat, Moniek de, PhDm.demaat@erasmusmc.nlErasmus MC Hematology5
Majoie, Charles, MD PhDc.b.majoie@amc.uva.nlAmsterdam UMC Radiology3C & 7
Nederkoorn, Paul, MD PhDp.j.nederkoorn@amc.uva.nlAmsterdam UMC Neurology2
Oostenbrugge, Robert van, MD PhDr.vanoostenbrugge@mumc.nlMUMC Neurology3A
Roos, Yvo, MD PhDy.b.roos@amc.uva.nlAmsterdam UMC Neurology3C
Vivien, Denis, MD PhDvivien@cyceron.frUNC, INSERM1
Zwam, Wim van, MD

MUMC Radiology3A

d. consortium partners

Amsterdam UMC, University of Amsterdam
Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam
Maastricht University Medical Center, Maastricht
Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen
University Medical Center, Groningen
University Medical Center, Utrecht
INSERM (Institut National de santé et de la recherche médicale)

Stryker European Operations BV



e. Funding

The CONTRAST consortium is supported by the Netherlands Cardiovascular Research Initiative, an initiative of the Dutch Heart Foundation (CVON2015-01: CONTRAST), the Brain Foundation Netherlands (HA2015.01.06). The collaboration project is additionally financed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs by means of the PPP Allowance made available by the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health to stimulate public-private partnerships (LSHM17016). The consortium was additionally funded through unrestricted funding by Stryker, Medtronic and Cerenovus. The funding sources were not involved in study design, monitoring, data collection, statistical analyses, interpretation of results, or manuscript writing.