CONTRAST Young Talent Program awarded two Vouchers in 2019

The CONTRAST Young Talent Program (YTP) aims to stimulate and support young researchers in developing and evaluating high quality innovative scientific ideas across the entire range of stroke research, both in the clinical and/or population-based setting and in preclinical research.

The CONTRAST Young Talent team received a lot of good ideas on the 2019 call for Vouchers. A total of thirteen proposals have been enthusiastically and thoroughly evaluated by a team of foreign established researchers. Based on the available budget for this call for Vouchers, we were able to award a €50.000,- voucher to one clinical and one translational project. We are very pleased to inform you that:

Marc van Moorsel from the Department of Clinical Chemistry and Hematology in awarded a voucher to study: “NEUROLYSE, an innovative biochemical strategy for thrombolysis with an improved safety profile“.

Adrien Groot department of Neurology and Radiology, Amsterdam UMC is awarded a voucher to study: “Machine learning for predicting outcome in older patients after endovascular treatment”.

We wish the awardees a lot of success executing their voucher project and encourage all other young stroke researchers to apply in future calls.