Results of DIRECT MT trial

May 6 online at :

DIRECT MT is the first RCT clearly demonstrating that mechanical thrombectomy alone using stent retrievers is essentially equivalent to mechanical thrombectomy preceded by iv alteplase in acute ischemic stroke patients with an intracranial large vessel occlusion presenting at a comprehensive stroke center.

This high quality trial will change the landscape of acute ischemic stroke treatment globally, certainly when results are confirmed with other ongoing trials evaluating EVT alone with EVT preceded by IV alteplase (MRCLEAN NO-IV, SWIFT-DIRECT, DIRECT-SAFE and SKIP).

We would like to congratulate the DIRECT-MT investigators in China, in particular Professors Jianmin Liu and Pengfei Yang, with the results and the unprecedented highly efficient and successful execution of the trial, with inclusion of the 656 patients in 20 months in 41 centers all over China!